Our Story

Our main goal is to to accelerate the transition of the Greek and European economy from linear to circular.

Easy, right?

Circular Economy is no longer a theoretical model: it is the mandatory future we are all headed towards. 

Our value framework consists of preserving political neutrality, engaging in meaningful dialogue among all possible stakeholders, and pursuing synergies between municipalities, universities, market actors, regional and national authorities, civil society, citizens, and European Institutions.

We can make it happen. Faster. Better. Together.

From past experiences of circular economy experimentation around Europe and the world, we learned that the engagement and coordination of all possible strata of a society is the secret ingredient to making a smooth and accelerated transition towards a circular economy.





Symbiosis will accompany and accelerate this process by engaging with all possible stakeholders through:




Networking opportunities

Events with distinguished and well-experienced speakers from around Europe

Engage in Public Affairs at all levels of government: local, regional, national and European.