Athens Circular Forum

18-19 April @ Megaro Hypatia


Keeping our eyes on the municipal and regional elections, we want the Circular Agenda to be at the heart of the public debate, starting in Athens, at one of the most beautiful, historic and symbolic venues:

Hypatia Mansion. 


The purpose of the Forum is to stimulate and jump-start a long-ranging conversation between all relevant communities of the Greek ecosystem necessary to accelerate the transition of the national and European economy from linear to circular.

Our Planet Suffers

The Environment

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which examined more than 6.000 studies in order to reach its conclusions, the impacts of a 1.5°C increase in global temperatures will be far worse than expected and the world has only 11 years in order to avoid them.



The circular model is restorative and regenerative by design, and the key principle is that products, services, components and materials are kept at their highest value at all times. A circular economy is the most efficient answer to solving the problem of depletion and economic scarcity of resources.


Economic sense

According to the UN, the world is currently 9.1% circular. This implies that more than 90% of the world’s raw materials do not return into economic processes. 

A circular economy would bring added value through new business models and strategies to increase growth, and enhance competitiveness: these tools would reduce dependency on scarce resources, and thus exposure to price volatility.

They would accelerate growth by reducing supply chain inefficiencies and they would allow companies to be better prepared for changes in environmental regulation by hedging future resource and material supply risks, as well as reap reputational benefits.


From the Cities

Cities consume more than 75% of the available resources (including energy) in the world, produce more than 50% of waste and are responsible for about 80% of the world's greenhouse gases. For this reason, Cities will be the origin point from which the circular economy will take flight.


Cities also benefit from the close proximity of all relevant stakeholders necessary to accelerate and guide this transition, through partnerships and symbiotic relationships. That is why the kick-off event of Symbiosis will be entirely dedicated to Cities through the first Athens Circular Forum.


ACF is not the end - it's the Beginning

The objective is to kick start a series of workshops with every relevant and affected stakeholder in the Greek society, culminating in a Manifesto for Circular Athens that will propel the Capital of Greece among the pioneering urban areas of Europe and of the world in the Circular revolution. 
With its historical importance, high population density, the port of Piraeus, and a vibrant society, there is no reason for which Athens cannot be among, and even lead, the protagonist cities making the transition towards a Circular Economy.


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